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Beatrix Potter

'I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations' - Beatrix Potter

I thought I'd give a little bit of background about Potter's House. Why I chose to call the Preschool Potter's House etc etc.

I grew up in a big house in Eastergate with 6 beautiful big sisters who taught me how to dress, how to dance and how to read; a big brother who tricked me into sniffing pepper by promising me £1 and lovely parents who taught me one of my favourite bible verses 1 Peter 5 v 7 'Cast your burdens onto Him for He cares for you'. One year for my birthday my lovely, late Granny Mattison gave me a set of Beatrix Potter books. While they are a tricky read and often a bit confusing, I loved them so much. I loved reading about Jemima Puddleduck and was terrified of Old Brown the owl. Even now I'm mesmerised by the pictures.

When I was pregnant with my first child, my Maggie Honey I trained and set up a Childminding business- HoneyBee's Childminding Services named after my little girl and the reason I wanted to childmind. My crazy, gorgeous Sonny was born 20 months later and funny little Remy 15 months after that. Life was incredibly busy and my own children were quite enough to be getting along with so I stopped minding. I set up a music group for Sonny and his little friends to keep him occupied and stimulated - Sonny's Sweet Beats!! Both my older children had inspired me to do something creative. It wasn't an easy 6 months when Remy was first born, he was a challenging baby and I wasn't feeling as well as I had with the others. I decided to study Child and Adolescent Counselling to give my brain something other than nappies to focus on.

Anyway, we moved from Wales back to my much loved home of West Sussex last year and I started working at Eastergate Preschool. With the encouragement of my tirelessly supportive big sister Kim, I enquired about the scout hut being an empty premesis perfect for a Preschool. Once the decision was made I was all over Pinterest looking for inspiration and nothing was jumping out. Maggie and Sonny were in bed and Remy was sat watching Peter Rabbit on TV completely immersed in the story. Remy is my last baby, he's my baby full stop. This year is his last year with me before he starts school and he inspires me daily in all aspects of preschool learning. Why not name our Preschool after something we have a mutual love of, something that makes our bond even stronger. So, my first year of owning and managing my very own Preschool with my baby by my side, we will love and nurture the development of Remy and his lovely little friends at Potter's House Preschool. That verse my parents taught me has been a huge comfort the past stressful few months.

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