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Our Forest School

During the summer of 2018, we refurbished one of the outbuildings to provide a poor weather contingency area for our Forest School. This enabled us to split to children into three groups based on their age and offer them a full week of Forest School activities separate to the activities going on within the main preschool. 

We have two Level 3 trained Forest School leaders on site as well as a Forest School assistant. This is to ensure the children are kept safe and the risks managed at all times.

The purpose of our Forest School is to give children the opportunity to discover and manage their own risks, building their self confidence and self esteem; while teaching them about their natural surroundings and endorsing a love of  nature from an early age.

Our Forest School week is usually based around a book that relates to the season. We read the book at the beginning and the end of each session and base our activities around the characters. We do lots of woodwork with tools, free play and exploration in the woods and we build fires to cook on and heat up hot chocolate. We have seen some incredible observations from the children so far and the feedback from parents has been wonderful. We really do believe that with our Forest School, we are offering the children a very unique preschool experience and we are so very proud of that.

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