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From start to finish (one day!), there have been a bevvy of talented professionals from local businesses all assisting me on the many areas of setting up a business that I'm not very good at. Give me a query about child development, ask me to explain the benefits of sensory play in the early years, ask me to french plait your hair and I can handle that; but ask me to design a logo, set up a website, design and produce merchandise, design and sew bespoke smocks, make the most gorgeous tipi's and interiors for a brand new preschool?? NOPE! I can't do it. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who can though.

My sister Kim owns Applemoon Interiors on Westergate Lane, every time I go in there I don't want to leave after being surrounded by beautiful interiors and a warm and friendly environment with second to none interior design advice. My own living room is a haven now thanks to Kim and her ideas. She has made tipi's for the children to play in outside and they are just so gorgeous. Go and check out the shop or have a look on her website to see what she has to offer you by way of a beautiful home.

Another of my sisters designs and makes children's clothes and costumes and more recently has commissioned some incredible wedding dresses. She is one of my most favourite people too! She just made me 12 graduation gowns for the Eastergate Pre-School Class of 2017 and didn't tell me off at all when I attempted to help her and messed them up! She is designing and making the smocks for Potter's House and I cannot wait to see them! Follow her on Facebook at Amanda Sophie Designs.

Dan from 77 signs & graphics based in Barnham has been fairly tireless lately in assisting me with my merchandising. One minute I want flyers and soon, the next I'm contemplating a gazillion badges for no apparent reason and have generally been kind of annoying! He is incredibly good at what he does and is apparently very patient too. He understands from my pathetic mock up drawings what I am envisaging and quickly makes a design as if he's read my mind! Pop over to his Facebook page 77 signs & graphics and give him a follow.

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